X-Pole How to Choose a Stripper Dance Pole

Published: 23rd September 2009
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Pole Dancing at home is now possible with the X Pole. And is becoming one of the finest ways to get fit and have a good time at the same time. There's no longer a need to spend interminable hours in the gym. Dancing on the pole expends calories and tones muscles as well as inflating pliability and fitness level. Pole dancing can increase self esteem and improve posture. In order to make the best of your investment it is smart to check out exactly what you want and what is best for you. Stand by for great fitness and great fun.

What Kinds of Pole - First think about where you would like to use your pole.

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Stationary stripper Pole - If you want to use your pole in one place only you have a choice of a portable pole such as the X-Pole. You can do all categories of flips and tricks. This pole can be mounted under a ceiling beam or concrete. The pole can be created to the height you need.. These are attached to you ceiling with fixing screws and eventually with a grub screw to keep the pole from moving while you exercise.

Removable Stripper Pole - Such as the X -Pole If you need to be in a position to move or take away the pole at times then the semi permanent/removable pole is for you. This way you can take away the dancing pole when you want the space for another activity. This is also a very secure pole on which you can do tricks and flips. A mount under a ceiling rafter is required ; it can be ordered as one piece or adjustable. These poles are simple to put up and take down. You can move them from place to place or maybe by vehicle. The pole is hooked up to the ceiling by tension. This is often as secure as a permanent pole without the holes causes by drilling Sometimes an adjustable foot is used that slides within the pole and a ceiling plate is put under the ceiling. A travel bag can be acquired to carry these poles from place to place.

Poles come with instructions and can be installed in most rooms. You have to check to see if there is enough room to make spins and turns. Novelty poles aren't as robust and could cause injury. You need to know that the pole is safe when both your feet are off the ground and you do tricks.

Stainless steel- provide good grip and minimal care
Polished brass absorbs oils from you skin and must be polished daily.

The better the grip the costlier the pole
There are static poles which do not move while you do.

Most poles are 2 inches|50mm} in diameter. Special sizes could be ordered.
Floor pads/mats - in order to maintain pole stability you may wish to purchase a floor mat.

As well as classes there are DVD's to help improve you pole skills .There are a large range of DVD in all levels. The DVD's can be discovered from Britain, U.S.A, Australia and Canada. Some of the dancers in these DVD's are Fawnia Mondey,Pantera and Bobbi. The towel is impregnated with bees wax. It is natural and enables you to grip firmly.

'Surgrip' is an antiperspirant for your hands keeps them dry in all situations. It will not leave a mess on your clothes.

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